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Call for reliable Electric Heater replacement in Weston FL.
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Ask For Cool Air Conditioning, Inc. has certified technicians to take care of your Electric Heater installation near Coral Springs FL.
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Air Cleaners & Purifications

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners are a necessity in Florida. The warm air and ever changing climate means that particles and substances are always lingering the air. Air cleaners help remove these bothers and provide your building with cleaner, fresher air for healthier breathing.

If you are concerned about the cleanliness of the air in your residential or commercial business, call Ask For Cool A/C today. Our team can help survey the air in your building and provide you with the best option for its size, capacity, residents and budget.

Air Purifications

It’s hard to believe what types of dirt and debris end up in the air. Both homes and offices are at risk for elements like bacteria and dust getting breathed in by residents or tenants. Air purification helps eliminate these unwanted substances from the air providing a safer and healthier environment.

Routine maintenance is key to keep air purification units working correctly. In addition, if you don’t currently have an air purification system, you may want to look into it. Either way though, Ask For Cool A/C can help. Let us provide you with the information you need to take proper care of your air purification unit or purchase one as an addition to your residential or commercial property.

Air Sterilization / UV Lights

Ask For Cool Air Conditioning, Inc. has found that the most successful way to handle system mold is through Ultraviolet (U.V.) germicidal lights.

Ultraviolet light has been used to kill microorganisms in hospitals, barber shops, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, and at the nation's Center for Disease Control. Residential ultraviolet units have been independently tested and proved to be effective in the constantly moving air environments of heating and cooling systems, killing mold and bacteria quickly and effectively. The UVC energy attacks the organism's DNA and either destroys it immediately or prevents it from reproducing.

For most people, the original motivation for installing the lights is to abate IAQ complaints and/or allergies. However, they are also pleased to learn that many hidden odors are also eliminated with U.V. technology.

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