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Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Sunrise, FL

The type of new air conditioning system you need in Sunrise, Florida depends on a lot of factors: your home or office square footage, the number of people using the system, the space your unit will require … even the amount of natural light your space gets. Every AC replacement and installation must be customized.

We’ll be honest: If you can get a few more “miles” from your current AC unit, we’ll guesstimate how long –with maintenance –it can last. But if a new air conditioning system is a better option, we can help.

Signs Your Sunrise Home’s AC Needs Replacing

If you’ve had two or more HVAC repairs in the last year, it may be time to invest in a new air conditioning/heating system.

Other signs your AC needs attention include:

  • Leak: If you see liquid/water pooling in the area near your HVAC unit, it could be minor. But it can cause expensive damages if you don’t address the issue quickly.
  • Low/no airflow: If you turn it on and it doesn’t start, make sure your electrical plug-ins and circuit breaker are okay first.
  • Muggy air: AC systems are built to handle moisture, but if your air feels more humid and uncomfortable, don’t delay. You can be creating a breeding ground for mold/mildew. This jeopardizes your indoor air quality and poses a health risk.
  • Noise: You shouldn’t ever hear more than the sound of air moving quietly throughout your house. If you hear bangs, booms, squeals, rattles, and clanging noises, immediately turn off your unit.
  • Odors: A musty smell could mean there’s a condensate problem. Other odors can be dangerous and/or unhealthy if you procrastinate:
  • Burning wires
  • Rotten eggs
  • Sewage
  • Smoke
  • Too-high energy bills: If your HVAC system is working harder to provide the same level of comfort, your energy bill may be higher than normal.
  • Uneven temperatures: Thermostat wars aren’t always between hot and cold people. If you are frequently adjusting the thermostat and some rooms are still uncomfortable, you may need a new HVAC system.

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Benefits of AC Replacement in Plantation & Sunrise, FL

With a new, energy-efficient AC unit, your monthly bills should be lower almost immediately. Your property value will increase, and with good maintenance, you should have 15-20 years of stress-free, cool, clean air.

How to Choose a New AC System

Ask For Cool will partner with you to review choices for your replacement AC system. Size matters. You want a powerful enough system to manage your square footage and the number of people living/working there.

SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings are important; the higher the rating, the better. For example, if you upgrade your HVAC system to a 14 SEER rating (the minimum requirement to meet energy efficiency standards), you save about 35% on monthly cooling and heating. That means if your monthly energy bill is $100, you’ll reduce it by $35.

Choose Ask For Cool for AC Installation Services in Sunrise, FL

Ask For Cool Air Conditioning, Inc. HVAC professionals take pride in our company and quality of work. We have:

  • 4.5-star rating with Nice local Florida
  • Five-star rating with Yelp
  • A+ rating with BBB
  • Continuing education and technical training for all specialists
  • Financing available
  • Industry-best practices
  • Knowledge of city/county/state requirements and codes
  • Superior customer care

New and replacement AC installations are our specialty. We install all makes, models, and brands. There’s also no need to delay your HVAC upgrade with flexible financing.

Let’s discuss your options and timeframe for new AC installation in Sunrise, FL today. Call 954-678-6764 or contact Ask For Cool Air Conditioning, Inc.

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